Peers in Concra Wood




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Michael Farrelly and I took a little trip to mark 1 May 2012 from his home in 19 Cherryvale, Dundalk, to Concra Wood, Castleblayney Golf Club, after lunch today, driving in my white 2010 Toyota iQ.  Michael and I have many things in common.  Although his father was from Longford, his mother from Leitrim; my father from Westmeath, my mother from Meath; Michael and I are both natives of Co. Louth, he living in Dundalk and I living in Jenkinstown on the rural outskirts of the town.  Michael is 66 and I am 68 at the present time.  He played in goals for Clan na Gael; I played in the full back line for Hunterstown Rovers: gaelic football.  Michael has two sisters, alive, and two brothers, dead.  I have 2 sisters  and 2 brothers, too, all of them still alive.  Unlike Michael, you see, I am older than all my siblings.  We shared a psychiatrist, Professor S. Desmond McGrath, in St. John of God’s in the 1970’s/1980’s and we both attend the same psychiatrist now, Dr. Geraldine Lyster, in the Ladywell Clinic, Dundalk.  Michael trained in Jury’s Hotel as a hotel manager and really enjoyed working in Canada in that business in his early years.  I am a fully qualified teacher and practised my profession for a number of years until things got too much for me.  As you know 1 May is associated with labour and the worker.  Work was the furthest thing from our minds today as we reminisced and pontificated about life.  A cold day, windy, with a hint of moisture in the air.  As you may detect from the pictures this did not deter the golfers.  Quite a few women braved the elements today.


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