Spring 2012 Interim Meeting, IMPERO.

The Spring 2012 interim meeting of IMPERO took place in Jenkinstown Church, on Saturday 18 February 2012, commencing at 14.00 with hymns accompanied by Archbishop Michael Desmond Hynes OMD PhD on the church organ. The following hymns were sung

· God of Mercy and Compassion

· He Is Lord

· Soul of My Saviour.

The rest of the meeting took place in the meeting room within Our Lady of The Wayside Church from about 14.20 until 15.50.

Attendance: Archbishop Michael Desmond Hynes OMD PhD, joint-treasurer; Seán Crudden, secretary; Mrs. Anne M. Muldowney, chairperson; Eric Cuthbert.

Apologies: Kevin McGeough, joint-treasurer; Joan Hardy, mentor; Dermot Mooney, vice-chairperson; Kevin Hynes; Teddy Crudden; Michael Farrelly.

The chairperson welcomed those present and thanked them for attending.

The secretary read a short and friendly e-mail from Gabriela Tanasan, chairperson ENUSP, with greetings and good wishes for today’s meeting

The secretary summarised the business of the previous meeting held on 29 October 2011.

The secretary read his journal for 4 days from 20 to 23 January 2012 covering his visit to Budapest to attend the ENUSP seminar on strategy and rebuilding. “It was very detailed,” the chairperson remarked afterwards.

The archbishop reported that a meeting of North Louth Joint Policing committee was slated for Monday night. He was asked to make it explicit at every opportunity that he was nominated to the committee by IMPERO. The archbishop undertook to report in writing to the secretary.

The following are some phrases from the discussion on human rights

· Declaration on Human Rights

· Formula UN

· Multi racial multi cultural society

· Above law

· Live and let live

· Entitled to live the way they please

· No compulsion

· History of person

· Psychiatric assessment

· Arrested for starters

· Who is to know?

· Doctors are perfect

· Drink

· Discrimination mental health

· Dr. and chemist in Carlingford discriminate on grounds of mental health

· Doctors have no right to discriminate

· Ways around the law

· Writing laws is no use

· What is education? Bring one to full knowledge and truth

· More truth in England than Ireland

· People must seek truth

The secretary described his recollection of the death of Saddam Hussein as he saw it on television in the White Elephant Lounge, a room in his house. He said the United Nations had sponsored recent dirty wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. “Where is the truth in CRPD or any of their provisions about human rights?” the secretary asked. He concluded, “I have no worries about my human rights at this meeting because I am dealing with decent people.”

The secretary read an e-mail from Professor Dennis Pringle, Department of Geography, NUI Maynooth, commenting on the Peers in Progress proposal. It was encouraging but it was decided to take it easy and try to get a few people involved locally, like Michael Farrelly and Gráinne Kellet, before writing on behalf of IMPERO to the adult education department in NUI Maynooth. The Cooley Environmental and Health Group will be organising their 13th annual winter workshop in January 2013 on the theme, “Peers in Progress.” The next Cooley Environmental and Health Group meeting is slated for 4 March 2012 starting at 10.00 in The Strand, Omeath, Co. Louth.

The IMPERO account had not been shifted from Ulster Bank to the Post Office. It was decided to let the matter rest and keep the account in Ulster Bank.

It was decided that a bus trip be organised to Concra Wood GC on 1 May 2012.

The annual assembly of IMPERO was fixed for 14.00 on Saturday 9 June 2012. Venue to be decided later. If a meal is provided it will commence at 13.00 on the day.


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