Advancing Recovery in Ireland, UN, ENUSP


Photo: Sean Crudden

Leonard Hatrick, president; Mrs. Anne Muldowney, vice-chairperson; Paul Smyth, mentor; Archbishop Michael Desmond Hynes OMD PhD, chairperson: pictured after the IMPERO Autumn interim meeting held in Brian Muldoon’s Restaurant, Ardee, Co. Louth starting at 14:00 on Saturday 24 October, 2015

The Autumn interim meeting of IMPERO  took place in Brain Muldoon’s Bar in Ardee, on Saturday 24 October 2015.  Present were: Sean Crudden, secretary; Archbishop Michael Desmond Hynes; Francis McCormack; Paul Smyth; Leonard Hatrick PC; Mrs. Anne Muldowney.

Apologies were received from Kevin McGeough and Joan Hardy.

The chairperson, Michael Desmond Hynes, welcomed everyone and thanked Leonard for arranging the venue.

Sean read aloud the minutes of the previous interim meeting in February from the IMPERO site on the internet using his tablet computer.  The minutes were adopted on the proposal of Anne seconded by the Archbishop.

Sean asserted that mental patients had been degraded and suppressed over the past 70 years.  ARI is the latest vehicle to try to improve the situation.  Advancing Recovery in Ireland.  Sean pointed out that recovery in this context was a spurious or ersatz type of recovery maintained and bolstered up by strong medication.  It was not recovery in a true or absolute sense.  If drugs are the answer to the problem then newer and more acceptable drugs are required to replace the crude elixirs of the present day.  There was a noticeable feeling of paranoia in the meeting about ARI and someone expressed the hope that it would not be merely a whitewash.

Francis McCormack was delegated the task of trying to find our why IMPERO’s registration to attend the UN Summit on 25 September 2015 had been thwarted.  The summit which took place on the day Pope Francis visited the UN was held to launch the post 2015 sustainable development agenda.  IMPERO had taken an active part in the on-line discussions among Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) leading up to the development of the agenda.

Sean will attend the ENUSP empowerment seminar in Brussels from 13 —> 15 December 2015, DV.

There was a measure of discussion around the issue of the way mental patients are being represented in Ireland at the present time.

IMPERO has ~ €350 cash on deposit in a reserve business account in Ulster Bank, 100 Clanbrassil Street, Dundalk.

The next interim meeting of IMPERO will take place on Saturday 20 February 2016 in Brian Muldoon’s Restaurant, Ardee, starting at 15:00.


Photo: Francis McCormack

Seán Crudden pictured in Brian Muldoon’s Restaurant on Saturday 24 October 2015 after the IMPERO Autumn interim meeting.


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