General Meeting 12 June 2011

General Meeting of IMPERO, The Strand Hotel, Omeath, Co Louth, Ireland.

Sunday 12 June 2011.


1. Read and adopt minutes of general meeting 2010 held on 12 June 2010

2. Matters arising including election of officers

3. Read minutes of interim meeting held on 19 February 2011

4. Matters arising

5. Correspondence

6. Report on ENUSP/MHE capacity building conference, Brussels, 19 to 22 May 2010

7. “Peers in Progress”

8. Application for researcher under new program, Tús, being administered by Louth Leader Partnership

9. Sponsorship

10. Suicide prevention

11. Strategy

12. Web-site

13. Finance

14. Fix date and venue for the next interim meeting and also for the general meeting 2012.

15. Any other business

The meeting commenced at 13.00 with grace before meals recited by Archbishop Michael Desmond Hynes. All present tucked in to a substantial and tasty meal: salad and chips; tea, bread and butter; apple tart and ice-cream.

Present: Seán Crudden, secretary; Mrs Anne M Muldowney, chairperson; Kevin Hynes; Archbishop Michael Desmond Hynes OMD PhD, vice chairperson; Dermot Mooney; Maureen Martin, delegate from Omeath Active Retirement Association; Mona Daly, do.

Apologies: Kevin McGeough, joint treasurer; Joan Hardy, mentor. Kevin was attending the Louth v Carlow match in Portlaoise, Joan was attending her godson’s 5th birthday party.

Maureen is secretary of Omeath Active Retirement Association, Mona is treasurer. Dermot is a member of the patient and client council attached to the Southern Health Board, NI, which deals with health and social services.

Archbishop Hynes gave a summary of the life and achievements of Bishop Tom Daly who passed to his eternal reward on 28 May 2011. Tom was president of IMPERO for the past few years. The chairperson called for a minute’s silence in memory of Tom. “Go ndeanfaidh Dia trócaire ar a anam,” she intoned after the minute had elapsed.

The minutes of the General Meeting held on 12 June 2010 were taken as read and adopted on the proposal of the Archbishop seconded by Kevin Hynes. The secretary read the minutes of the interim meeting held on 19 February 2011.

It was agreed that Seán; Kevin McGeough, if possible; the Archbishop: should attend the network meeting in County Hall on Wednesday and try to open dialogue with the Peace III initiative and Paddy Drumgoole.

Mona pointed out that the capacity of people including children to tolerate stress was diminishing.

Reporting on a See-Change meeting held a few months ago in Drogheda the Archbishop commented that they could do better but that it was not a bad thing. Seán commented that he felt that stigma could not be dispelled by PR campaigns.

The Archbishop reported on recent meetings of North Louth Joint Policing Committee. There would be a further meeting in September. His own concerns included: intimidation of police; no ASBO’s being sought; lack of equipment such as lights.

Anne was re-elected as chairperson on the proposal of the Archbishop seconded by Seán.

Dermot was elected as vice-chairperson proposed by the Archbishop seconded by Kevin Hynes.

It was agreed that the Archbishop should be joint treasurer along with Kevin McGeough on the presumption that Kevin is prepared to continue in the role.

It was agreed that Joan Hardy be asked to continue as mentor for at least another 2 years.

Three names were mentioned in connection with the presidency of IMPERO. Ita Daly, Edward S Crudden, Fr. Gerard McGreevy. Approaches are to be made in that order to see if one of those mentioned, if any, will agree to be president for the coming year.

The secretary read dramatically his journals for 21 and 22 May 2011 the two days he spent at the joint ENUSP/MHE capacity building conference held in Hotel Astrid, Brussels. Someone commented that his report on the conference was “interesting.”

Seán outlined the proposed scheme Peers in Progress, the brainchild of Berthold Koesel, presented at the Brussels conference. The secretary reported that IMPERO had sought the services of a researcher under the proposed Tús scheme to investigate the possibility of setting up a Peers in Progress initiative locally.

It was felt that the peace process had given rise to “an industry” surrounding funding. A lot of mental health campaigns were cosmetic, flavour of the month stuff; which everyone seems to blindly accept. In this context it was resolved that IMPERO should maintain a strictly independent position.

The secretary pointed out that Cooley Environmental and Health Group’s 12th annual winter workshop to be held from 14.00 to 17.30 on 21 January 2012 would address the topic, “Suicide Prevention.”

The date for the next general assembly of IMPERO was fixed for 13.00 on 9 June 2012. The next interim meeting was fixed for 13.00 on 29 October 2011.


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