The name of the organisation shall be IMPERO; acronym for Irish Mental Patients’ Educational and Representative Organisation.

Aims and Objectives

IMPERO is intended to be a non-governmental, voluntary organisation; grounded in community development principles.  The aims and objectives of IMPERO should accord at all times with its name and its principles.


Mental patients are entitled to be members of IMPERO.  Others may become associate members.


IMPERO shall be ruled by an annual assembly.  Where there is a contest a decision shall be made by a simple majority of those present and voting.  The assembly should appoint a committee and officers to carry out the business of IMPERO from day to day.  The assembly and any interim meetings should be run on a basis of ordinary parliamentary procedure.


IMPERO will adopt a mentor at each assembly.  The mentor is not meant to be an officer of the organisation but is expected to be a sort of mother or guardian angel watching over and guiding the organisation.


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