Annual Assembly 2018


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Archbishop Hynes and Leonard Hatrick pictured after the general assembly had closed

Photo: Sean Crudden

The Annual Assembly of IMPERO took place in Our Lady of The Wayside Church, Jenkinstown, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland, on Saturday 16 June 2018, Bloomsday, starting at 14:00 and concluding at 15:30 after what Archbishop Michael D. Hynes OMD PhD declared was “a good meeting.”

Present: Leonard Hatrick, President of IMPERO; Michael D. Hynes, chairperson; Sean Crudden, secretary.

Apologies: Anne M. Muldowney, vice-chairperson; Kevin McGeough, founder member

The minutes of the 2017 annual assembly were read by the secretary.  There were no objections to the minutes which are published on the IMPERO website.

The archbishop and Sean will meet at Jenkinstown PO on Tuesday at 12:00 to withdraw the €200 expenses which Sean is owed from the IMPERO account there.  That will leave a balance of approximately €170.  Basically income and expenditure for the past year were both nil.

Sean said that, following correspondence from Olga Kalina, chairperson of ENUSP, he had written in some detail to John McGahon MCC and also to Paul Ivory, who is the Irish Representative on the Bio-Ethics committee considering it, requesting that the draft additional protocol to the Oviedo Convention be dropped.  Sean received neither acknowledgement nor reply and the draft seems to have progressed to a final stage before adoption by the Council of Europe.  The archbishop said Europe were using bullying tactics.  “Europe don’t give a shite about you!” he asserted.

Sean read his article, Outcaste, written in 2006.  The meeting was unanimous in the view that nothing has changed since then.  The archbishop thinks that things are worse.  The new hospital in Drogheda means more of the same.  Sean referred the meeting to his article, “I Am Innocent!” for further reading.

“Where Will The Madness End?”  There was a short discussion of the question.  It was felt that it would not end.  There will be more people in depression.  The Health Service Executive is good at offering counselling, Leonard said.  He felt, too, that the Church was no good for mental health.  It is not clear that the meeting fully understood the intention of the original question?

Sean drew attention to the meeting of Cooley Environmental and Health Group slated for 19:00 on Wednesday 26 September 2018 in The Strand, Omeath.  The topic is, “Positive Mental Health.”

Interim meetings of IMPERO were fixed for 20 October 2018 and 16 February 2019.  The annual assembly for 2019 was fixed for 15 June 2019.  All meetings will take place, DV, in OLOTW starting at 14:00.img_8158

Our Lady of The Wayside Church

Photo: Sean Crudden


One Response to “Annual Assembly 2018”

  1. Seán Crudden Says:

    Due to an oversight there was no formal election of officers for the coming year. Fortunately all the officers from last year are alive and active so it is hoped that they will continue in office for another year. Naturally consultations will have to take place and it is hoped to confirm the position at our next public meeting on 20 October 2018.

    Incidentally Fr. Stansfield, on Saturday at the Vigil Mass, preaching on the parable of the mustard seed, told the story of Rose Parkes getting on the bus in Alabama and igniting the civil rights movement in America.

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