Spirit; forsaking; vestry; commissioner


The Autumn interim meeting of IMPERO took place in the meeting room of Our Lady of The Wayside Church, Jenkinstown, starting at 15:00 on Saturday 29 October 2016.

Present: Leonard Hatrick, president; Margaret Hatrick; Kevin McGeough; Archbishop Michael Desmond Hynes OMD PhD, chairperson; Sean Crudden, secretary.

An apology was received from Anne Muldowney.

Those present recited a prayer from a small script, for the recovery of Fr. Pádraig Murphy, parish priest of Lordship and Ballymascanlon, who has suffered a serious illness and for healing for all.  Fr. Murphy is the pastor of Our Lady of The Wayside Church.

The Archbishop recited a short extempore prayer for the success of the meeting through the guidance of the spirit in the hope that something interesting gets done.

The chairperson read the minutes of the General Assembly held in June.

The secretary read the minutes of the Spring interim meeting held in February, the last ordinary meeting.  These minutes were unanimously adopted on the proposal of the president seconded by the chairperson.

The recently opened new facility in The Lourdes was discussed at some length.  No one fully understood the strategy of the HSE in forsaking Ardee Mental Hospital which is still a serviceable building on a lovely site.  Some misgivings were expressed about the possible absence of a community aspect within the new facility.  Others thought patients might appreciate the privacy afforded by en-suite single rooms. 

Leonard will attend on behalf of IMPERO the ENUSP seminar in Berlin on 13, 14, 15 November 2016.  The Archbishop led the meeting in an extempore prayer for Leonard that he will have the strength to accomplish the journey and that he will make friends and enjoy himself.

Leonard is to investigate with his vestry the possibility of holding the Spring interim meeting in February in St. Mary’s Church of Ireland, Ardee.

The meeting complimented Leonard who has recently been appointed commissioner for oaths in The High Court.

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