Annual General Assembly 2016


The annual general assembly opened at 14:00 on Saturday 11 June 2016 in the community facility of Tesco Extra, Dundalk, with an extempore prayer from The Archbishop asking the spirit for guidance.

Present were: Archbishop Michael Desmond Hynes OMD PhD; Sean Crudden; Francis McCormack, Edward S. Crudden.

Apologies were received from: Anne Muldowney; Leonard Hatrick, Kevin McGeough; Paul Smyth.

The minutes of the previous general assembly were read and adopted on the proposal of The Archbishop seconded by Teddy.

Discussion of Planning for The Future the expert report dated December 1984 included some of the following remarks.

Perfect plan for the doctors.

Patients are fighting dejection, struggling for motivation, drowned by stigma.

The Mental Health Commission not representing the interests of patients.

The MHC protects the system like TTIP protects business.

The MHC’s view is the one reflected all the time.

Giving the impression that they were even handed

Secret organisation

Psychiatric patients cannot even make a complaint to An Garda or Amnesty

Medication.  Stigma.  Incapacitated. Degenerate

Families have to cope with the fall-out of medication.

The whole of society is a mental hospital.

Medication is convenient not beneficial

Mental patients are less valued.

Reviews like A Vision for Change (2006) are only kicking the problem down the road.

Victims Charter and Disability Rights Law not ratified.

Representation is stitched up.

The following officers were elected unanimously for the coming year.

President: Leonard Hatrick PC

Chairperson: Archbishop Michael Desmond Hynes OMD PhD

Vice-chairperson: Mrs. Anne M. Muldowney

Secretary: Sean Crudden

Treasurer: Edward Crudden

Francis McCormack will undertake the role of Mentor for at least the coming year.

The Autumn Interim meeting was fixed for Saturday 29 October 2016 at 14:00 in Tesco Extra

The Spring Interim Meeting was fixed for Saturday 25 February at 14:00

Next year’s Annual General Assembly was fixed for Saturday 17 June 2017 starting at 14:00

One Response to “Annual General Assembly 2016”

  1. André Criegers Says:

    The whole of society is indeed a mental hospital. I found that idea previous in “Los hijos de los dias” where there is a page entitled “Daños collaterales” that describes the world as a gigantic military base with the question whether the fools are those who engage in military action or those who give the orders to do so. In my opinion mental hospitals are no hospitals but barracks where people are disciplined in extra military service. Therefore I propose to bring the budget for mental health care under the chapter of defense in our administration. As far as Belgium is concerned that would allow us to spend 5% of our GDP on defense and thus make Donald Trump very happy.

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