Spring Interim Meeting, Saturday 22 February 2014


Tree planting going on in the grounds of Our Lady of The Wayside Church, Jenkinstown, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland, while the IMPERO meeting took place in the meeting room inside the church.

Photo: Seán Crudden

The meeting commenced at 14:00 on Saturday 22 February 2014. 

Present: Archbishop Michael Desmond Hynes OMA PhD, mentor; Michael O’Hanlon; Seán Crudden, secretary; Edward S. Crudden; Michael Farrelly, vice-chairperson.

Apologies: Joan Hardy, joint-treasurer; Kevin McGeough, joint-treasurer; Anne Muldowney, chairperson; Paul Smyth; Kevin Hynes.

Michael Farrelly took the chair, welcomed those in attendance and opened the meeting by reciting a Hail Mary.

The minutes of the Autumn Interim Meeting were read by the secretary and were adopted unanimously on the proposal of the archbishop seconded by Michael O’Hanlon.

The archbishop complained that it is difficult to raise issues affecting mental patients with the North Louth Joint Policing Committee of which he is a member nominated by IMPERO.  “It’s ritualistic,” he commented, “You can’t get your point across.”  He also expressed his frustration with the proceedings of County Louth Community and Voluntary Forum.

The secretary informed the meeting that a class on creative writing has been provided by Louth and Meath Education and Training Board for IMPERO.  The series of 5 weekly classes will begin on Tuesday 25 February 2014 at 19:00 in The Old Schoolhouse, Bellurgan.  The tutor is Linda Newe.  The classes will be held subject to a minimum number of enrolments and attendance. 

The secretary read his article, “Assisted Decision Making,” published on 3 December 2013 on indymedia.ie.  There was some lively discussion culminating in the question, “What are the rights of mentally ill people?”

The application for ECOSOC status with the UN is closed, the meeting decided.

The secretary reported on the ENUSP seminar held in Hotel Ibis Gara de Nord, Bucharest, 8 – 10 December 2013.  The main themes dwelt upon by the seminar were; communications, General Assembly, fund raising.  Seán said he stayed on in Bucharest until 12 December to look around.  He had been impressed by Ceausescu’s mighty building and he recommended Romania as a holiday destination.  “I enjoyed the trip,” Seán said.

The chairperson of the meeting, Michael Farrelly, asserted that patients who take a stand are worse off than ever.  He urged cooperation.  “You must love yourself,” he concluded.

The next meeting of IMPERO is the General Assembly which will take place DV in The Old Schoolhouse, Bellurgan, on Saturday 14 June 2014, starting at 14:00


Edward S. Crudden pictured at the window of the meeting room in Our Lady of The Wayside Church immediately before the meeting began.

Photo: Seán Crudden


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