Stimulating Workshop on Public Speaking


Photo: Seán Crudden

Linda Newe, tutor, and Anne Muldowney, chairperson of IMPERO, pictured after a very enjoyable workshop held in The Old Schoolhouse, Bellurgan, Jenkinstown, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland.

The workshop began at 19.30 on Tuesday 26 November 2013.  The subject of the workshop was how to compose and present a short speech, body language, etc.  The workshop concluded at 21.30.  Although no-one thought so at the time there was a strong comic element underlying proceedings at the workshop.  Many thanks to Sinéad Fearon of Louth/Meath Education and Training Board for providing IMPERO with an accomplished tutor for the workshop.

9 people participated in the workshop including the tutor.


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