Autumn Interim Meeting of IMPERO; 29 October 2011; Our Lady of The Wayside Church, Jenkinstown, Co. Louth

The meeting commenced at 14.00 and concluded at 15.00.  Seán Crudden accompanied on the organ by Archbishop Michael Desmond Hynes OMD PhD sang Soul of My Saviour in the main body of the church before the meeting started in the meeting room.  He also too a few photos; some inside and some outside; after the conclusion of the meeting.


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The meeting commenced at 14.00 and concluded at 15.00.

Present: Archbishop Michael Desmond Hynes OMD PhD (joint-treasurer); Kevin McGeough BBS (joint treasurer); Seán Crudden B.Sc., H Dip. in Ed. (secretary)

Apologies: Anne Muldowney (chairperson); Dermot Mooney (vice-chairperson); Joan Hardy (mentor).

The position regarding IMPERO’s application under the Tús scheme was reviewed.  It was decided to take no action pending further progress from the organisers.

It was decided to make no nomination on behalf of IMPERO for the election of a director,  representing the disability pillar of County Louth Community and Voluntary Forum, onto the Louth Leader Partnership Board.

An e-mail from Michal Caletka, Czech Republic, was read regarding drug trial protocols.  It was recognised that research and development is the life-blood of the pharmaceutical industry and, in general, drugs like Tsabri can improve the quality of life although the experience of mental patients is that psychiatric medication often or always has the opposite effect.  Most research and development of pharmaceuticals goes on in Ireland.  Is research to be stopped?  “A counsel of despair for pharma to rest on it’s psychiatric oars at this stage?” the secretary commented.

The Peers-in-Progress proposal, brain child of Berthold Koesel, was discussed.  How do you help?  Family support.  Aggressive outreach teams.  Independent counsellor.  Support.  Depressed?  What do you do?  Best of intentions.  Civilised community e.g. Plymouth Brethren.  The secretary was instructed to write to Dennis Pringle in NUI Maynooth and to Colm McCourt in Ó’Fiaich College to canvass the idea of developing an education/training model in the area of personal assistant/peer support.

An e-mail from the college of psychiatry in Trinity College was read; about setting up a consultative forum for mental patients and family of patients.  The meeting was not impressed.

The secretary outlined a number of recent resignations from the board of ENUSP; Greece, Germany, Belgium, Central Europe.  The work of selecting replacement board members is going on and a pan-European convention is being organised for October 2012.

It was decided to open a Post Office account and to fold IMPERO’s bank a/c.

The secretary was instructed to convey written congratulations to President Michael D Higgins on his recent election, exhorting him to keep mental health top of his agenda.

The next meeting of IMPERO was fixed provisionally for 14.00 on 25 February 2012 in the meeting room within Our Lady of The Wayside Church.  This will be the Spring interim meeting.

The secretary expressed thanks to Fr. Pádraig Murphy D.D., P.P., for giving IMPERO permission to use the meeting room in Our Lady of The Wayside Church for today’s meeting.

Seán Crudden read dramatically his article Clerical Child Sexual Abuse which he posted on at the end of the summer.  There was no comment.


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